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Aanlyn WAT

[Online version of the Woordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal]
Na tuisblad Aanlyn WAT

Pukuntšutlhaloši ya Sesotho sa Leboa ka Inthanete

[Online Explanatory Northern Sotho Dictionary]
Tšwela pele

Dictionaries by Afrilex Members

e-Eiwanika ly'Olusoga

My HAT Storiewoordeboek

Rode, L. (2010, Pearson)

Winner of the prestigious 2011 ATKV Word Wise Award! More info ...

Online Dictionary Chichewa/Chinyanja – English and English – Chichewa/ Chinyanja

Oxford Bilingual School Dictionary: Zulu and English / Isichazamazwi Sesikole Esinezilimi Ezimbili: IsiZulu NesiNgisi, Esishicilelwe abakwa-Oxford

De Schryver, G-M et al. (2010, OUP SA)
Winner of the prestigious 2012 SATI Dictionary Award! More info ...

Eiwanika ly’Olusoga

[Monolingual Lusoga Dictionary]
Nabirye, M. (2009, Menha Publishers)

Oxford Bilingual School Dictionary: Northern Sotho and English / Pukuntšu ya Polelopedi ya Sekolo: Sesotho sa Leboa le Seisimane. E gatišitšwe ke Oxford

De Schryver, G-M et al. (2007, OUP SA)
Winner of the prestigious 2009 SATI Dictionary Award! More info ...

Oxford Afrikaans-Engels English-Afrikaans Skoolwoordeboek School Dictionary

Louw, P. et al. (2007, OUP SA)
Winner of the prestigious 2008 ATKV Word Wise Award! More info ...

Online Kiswahili (Swahili) – English Dictionary

Hillewaert, S. et al. (2004)
The Web's most popular Swahili dictionary.

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