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Membership Application

The Board has decided to keep the membership fee for AFRILEX at the symbolic R200 per year ($50 / €50). Running an association costs money and the membership fees we collect do not even cover that cost at present. Advantages of your membership: 

  • Membership of a respected association, with active links to its sisters associations (i.e. Euralex, Asialex, Australex and the DSNA);

  • Members are offered a substantial discount at the annual international AFRILEX free of charge; 

  • Members may attend workshops and seminars organised by AFRILEX;

  • Only Members have the right to vote at the AGM; 

  • Members can share the available expertise through dedicated channels, for example the AFRILEX Mailing List; 

  • Members save 30% off Oxford University Press dictionary products;* 

  • Members receive a substantial discount on a subscription to the International Journal of Lexicography (IJL).** 

* The discount will be valid for the purchase of any local (South African) or imported OUP dictionaries, but also for any related lexicographical products (e.g. The Oxford Guide to Practical Lexicography by Sue Atkins and Michael Rundell). Note that this discount will apply only to fully paid-up members of AFRILEX and that the board has supplied a list of these members to OUP's Customer Services Department. In order to claim the discount, AFRILEX members have to order via e-mail ( and have to mention prominently in their order that they are AFRILEX-members. 
** See the IJL web page for details.

Join now by completing the application form below.
Please send the downloaded and completed form to Prof Elsabé Taljard ( 
Please send also send proof of payment to Prof Taljard.
Please contact us should you have any questions or queries.

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