The African Association for Lexicography in a nutshell

Afrilex was established in 1995. Membership of Afrilex is open to individuals and institutions who have an interest in lexicography. The aim of Afrilex is the promotion and co-ordination of the research, study and teaching of lexicography by means of the publication of a journal and other appropriate literature, and the organisation of regular conferences and seminars to provide an opportunity for an exchange of ideas and for mutual stimulus to researchers and practitioners in the field of lexicography. Afrilex also facilitates tutorials and training courses. It is managed by a Board elected biannually by the members present at a General Meeting of the Association. Afrilex seeks co-operation with other international associations for lexicography as well as local associations interested in the study of language such as the Linguistic Society of Southern Africa (LSSA) and the African Language Association of Southern Africa (ALASA).

The 25th International AFRILEX Conference

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 25th International AFRILEX Conference will take place as a fully virtual online conference on 29 and 30 June 2021.


Please see the call for papers and conference circular below. Online registration is now open from the link below or via the AFRILEX 2021 menu above.